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26 & 27th August Tickets

Ticket Information

For this year’s Megaday Saturday (Megadecades) tickets are available in advance and then available on the door (if not sold out). Tickets/gate is £7.50 adult, £5 under 16.

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Saturday - Megaday Mega Decades

There are no ticket requirements for Megaday Sunday; you will be able to pay on the door. Entry is free for Children (aged 12 and under if accompanied by an adult). Entry for adults is an £8 donation with a Megaday Flyer (or £10 without). Megaday flyers can be picked up from shops and outlets throughout Caerphilly (a list of outlets will appear on this page a month prior to Megaday).

Thank you for playing your part and making a difference, it’s really appreciated.

Sunday - Megaday Main Event

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